Wednesday, 1 April 2009

April Fails

Two terrible ones I've just seen.

This from the Daily Mail saying that the Premier League club with the least debt would get a Champions' League place. According to UEFA spokesperson 'Avril Faux.' Seriously....

And then this from Vital Manchester City. Apparently Garry Cook is getting sacked tomorrow and Vital Manchester City are the first people to make this public.

This is their alleged 'press release':
'At 11:00am on Wednesday 1 April 2009 Manchester City will announce the departure of Executive Chairman Garry Cook. The board have monitored his position since he brought the club into disrepute following the Kaka affair and it is our intention to seek a replacement as soon as representatives from the Abu Dhabi Group can fly into the UK.'
Just ask yourself this: Why would the first sentence official press release be in the future tense, and why would it specify an 11.00 time? It's just preposterous.



Gary Nolan said...

I haven't seen that on vital man city yet, but good spot about it being in the future tense.

Gary Nolan said...
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Gary Nolan said...
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Gary Nolan said...

Sorry about the deletions but I decided I didn't stand by those comments, April bloody fools deary me.

phil said...

I just read those stories on Newsnow and although I didn't believe it the Vital story, I completely forgot what date it is.

Then I completely fell for the UEFA story, until just now when I read your blog! I had visions of Shiek Mansour sending a large envelope to Platini.