Thursday, 30 October 2008

TLDORC October Awards

A real mixed bag.

Omonia (h) 2-1

Liverpool (h) 2-3

Newcastle (a) 2-2

Stoke (h) 3-0

Middlesbrough (a) 0-2

Player of the Month

Stephen Ireland

I know it's getting boring now but there's really no-one else. Instrumental against Omonia, putting us 2-0 up against Liverpool and then grabbing the equaliser at Newcastle. Robinho deserves some recognition for his hat-trick against Stoke but did not do enough in the other four games to deserve this presitigious award. SWP is the other possible candidate, but blows as hot and cold as his fellow stepoverer on the other wing.

So for the third month running, Superman wins my Player of the Month.

Individual Performance of the Month

Robinho vs Stoke

First hattrick by a City player for ages (I can't be bothered to find out, if you know please leave it in the comments). I can't embed it here but you know where to look.

Goal of the Month

Elano vs Omonia

I can't find footage of it online, which kind of ruins the point of this bit. But you know what I mean: the one where Robinho ran down the left, did some stepovers and passed it back to Elano, twenty five yards out who smashed it into the bottom corner.


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Anelka versus villa?

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