Monday, 6 October 2008

Inconsistency (of results)

In amongst all the excitement, it's easy to miss an important point:

Three wins and four losses in the league is not that good.

In fact, it's pretty average. 9 points from 7 games is 1.28 points/game, an average with would see us finish the season with 49 points. Not relegation standard at all, but certainly less good than under Eriksson.

We've had some difficult games, and some easy ones. But it's games like Wigan away and Liverpool at home that teams who push for fourth get points from. I didn't think we'd get more than two or three points from them. But to get nothing is a shame.

There is a whole two weeks before the next game, Newcastle away. Then it's Stoke (h), Middlesbrough (a) and Bolton (a).


Philip said...

In fairness I don't think people are saying that we have made a good start, are they?

But there's no need to panic. The only game that we've lost so far that is truly frustrating is Wigan away. The side is clearly full of goals but obviously weak at the back. This is a weakness that will be solved (in January, unfortunately).

I think that the difference with last season is that then we made no effort to win games like Liverpool at home. This season we went at them and scored 2 goals, and we could've had more. It's fair to say that Hughes hasn't got the balance between attack and defence right yet, but he's closer than Sven was (though, admittedly, with considerably better forward players). What I struggle to see is how we can fit Elano into the team in the long term - but that's ok, he's very overrated.

jfell said...

Can anyone enlighten as to why Ben Haim wasnt brought on yesterday and Richards moved to right-back?

Fernandes was pretty woeful and exposed numerous times.

Anonymous said...

We won't finish 4th! We should finish in a UEFA spot and that would be an improvement... 4th's a big ask from last season, but we're heading in the right direction. We are now able to compete for the best players so chill out and have some patience...