Monday, 20 October 2008

Newcastle preview

A few disconnected points:
  • I hate watching City in games we're expected to win. I mean, really really fucking hate it. Not just because even the best case scenario (a thumping win, a la Chelsea and Man Utd on the weekend) comes as a relief more than anything. But because such an outcome rarely ever happens.
  • Remember last year? We lost at Reading, Middlesbrough and Birmingham. We drew at Derby, Bolton and Fulham. Going to poor teams and getting something is remarkably difficult for us. I thought Hughes would improve this side of us, but so far we've lost at Wigan and (more understandably) Villa, whilst beating Sunderland and scraping past all of our UEFA Cup games. Hughes still has to alleviate this deficiency.
  • The team picks itself. It will surely be the team which has played the last month or so, but with Ben Haim naturally in for Zabaleta. Presumably TBH will go in at right back, but there is an argument for breaking up the Richards/Dunne partnership at centre back, playing Micah in his 2006/07 position and putting the two old heads together in the middle. Defence has been our weakest thing this season - could this be an answer while Pablo sits out?
  • Newcastle are such a disgracefully bad team, we really should get something. If we lose it'll be 3 wins 5 losses in the league after eight games that were not strikingly difficult. Even a win puts us on 4 wins 4 losses - the same as West Ham. This is very important.


Danny Pugsley said...

Hamman in for Elano tonight.

Manchester City Team: Hart, Dunne, Richards, Kompany, Wright-Philips, Jo, Robinho, Ben Haim, Garrido, Hamann, Ireland

Manchester City Substitutes: Schmeichel, Onuoha, Elano, Fernandes, Evans, Sturridge, Glauber

Philip said...

I don't think Newcastle are as bad as you say! Yes, they're a team you need to beat if you've aspirations to the top 4 or even top 6, but they do have some good players.

THe bench highlights the current lack of squad depth in light of our injuries.

Really glad to see Hamann in the team, our defence has been crying out for greater protection especially away from home.

charles gullung said...

so fucking typical.
as if no one saw the equalizer coming.
and I'm following it in the states on the internet.
now what?
a 2-2 draw?
kompany to see red?