Thursday, 25 September 2008

The change kit curse

Last night City wore the new red and black away kit. It was the first time we'd worn it in a competitive match this season - and we lost. We have worn the orange third kit once this season, and we lost that too.

Which got me thinking about last season. Our record in change strips was appalling.

Here are all of our away league games last year, broken down by strip worn.

Blue (home kit)

Arsenal 0-1
Newcastle 2-0
Man Utd 2-1
Sunderland 2-1
Liverpool 0-1
Middlesbrough 1-8

So 6 points from a possible 18, including three trips to Big Four teams, or one point per game. A respectable enough record. In the cups we won 1-0 at Bolton and 2-1 at Bristol City, whilst losing 2-1 to a balloon.

White (3rd kit)

West Ham 2-0
Chelsea 0-6
Portsmouth 0-0
Villa 1-1
Everton 0-1

5 points from 5 games - the same ratio as in blue. Only scored three goals, but the West Ham win was a very special moment. The 6-0 was not particularly edifying. In the FA Cup we drew 0-0 at the Boleyn Ground.

Purple (2nd kit)

Blackburn 0-1
Fulham 3-3
Wigan 1-1
Spurs 1-2
Derby 1-1
Reading 0-2
Bolton 0-0
Birmingham 1-3

Eight games, seven of which against teams who finished below us. And four points! Trips, wearing purple, to all three relegated teams: we came away with one point! We got draws at the 14th, 16th and 17th and 20th placed teams, and lost at 18th and 19th. The game at Craven Cottage was good, but the rest are all examples of the worst failing of Eriksson - an inability to go to bottom half teams and win ugly.

So we averaged 1 point/game in white and in blue, and 0.5 points/game in purple.

So far this year we have won in blue at EB/Streymur, won (albeit luckily) in blue at FC Midtjylland, and won in blue at AC Omonia. We have, though, lost our only games in orange and red/black.

We play Wigan this Sunday. They wear blue and white. I'm worried.


Nathan said...
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Nathan said...

On the brighter side we are due a win then in the change strip.