Friday, 26 September 2008

Elano on Robinho

On Robinho's official site.

Some interesting tactical stuff:
He [Robinho] likes playing down the left. In his first match, he played in the middle and scored a goal, but I know he would have helped us even more if he’d been able to play where he enjoys things most.
I've been playing down the left, alongside Robinho. Because of the language and the understanding between us, we thought it would be better for me to play there, and also because our left-back [Javier Garrido] is Spanish.
And a rather questionable claim:
Last season was a very good one for City. The team hadn't done so well in many years. I finished as the team's top scorer and we almost qualified for the Champions League [wtf??]. Now, with players such as Jô and Robinho, we will certainly be fighting for bigger things.
Certainly worth reading though.

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