Tuesday, 23 September 2008

The ADUG Plan

The takeover ought to have been completed by now, but until we know for sure I won't write anything.

The big news today is the plan described by the new chairman Khaldoon al Mubarak. It needs to be re-stated how different this is from the 'fantasy football' stuff of which we have heard so much.

al Mubarak's message is one of unflinching caution and pragmatism. There are no demands for a Top Four finish or an instant trophy, no mention of Torres, Fabregas, or either Ronaldo. His big interview with mcfc.co.uk (in much of the national press) contains much implicit criticism of the brash fantasism of Dr al Fahim:
We are genuine people, and we want to develop this Club in a sustainable manner. Nothing rash is going to happen, we are not going to do crazy stuff! We will work with Garry and Mark, they call the shots and we are here to support to help build a sustainable Club. We are here as long-term investors, and it makes sense for us to build a dynasty.
The two things City fans most wanted assurance on: the future of Mark Hughes, and the prominence of the Academy within the club.

Before the mauling of Portsmouth, al Mubarak went to watch the u-14, u-12 and u-9 sides at the Academy. He said of his time with Jim Cassell:
That was one of my most enjoyable experiences. Sitting with Jim, seeing his passion, seeing how proud he is of every player that has come out of the Academy. I have the highest confidence in him, we’ll be working a lot with him.
And the most important issue: his faith in Mark Hughes.
Mark is an honest man, he’s a leader , he’s tough and he is everything you would want in a head coach. We trust him, he’s one of the gems we saw in this Club once we came here.
Will City follow the path of West Ham and Newcastle, taking transfer powers away from the manager? City fans certainly had cause to think so after al-Fahim's claims weeks ago. Again, al Mubarak says exactly what we wanted to hear:
One thing I have made very clear to Mark is that any player he wants comes from him. It comes from his requirements, his plan for the Club. I’m a fan, but I am not an expert. It is Mark who runs the Club and Mark who makes the football decisions. We are here to support and make financial decisions, but we are not here to teach Mark or Garry what to do!
I almost think this is too perfect. On every issue, al Mubarak's answers read as if they come from City fan's dreams. Willing to spend, but only on players Hughes wants. Very optimistic and driven, but with a long term plan. Keen to be the best team in the world, but with home grown players. And then, going to see the u-9s play and meeting the club historian.

We have no reason to believe anything he says isn't true. But this is so reassuring, so very precisely what we wanted to hear, on every single issue, it does leave you wondering whether there is a catch.


stwrtjcksn said...

Yeah, it's all just too good to be true... Almost! But it IS happening and none of us can quite believe it!

Dream Time!

But prepared for the odd bump along the way...



Wigan Blue said...

Constantly monitoring premierleague.com at the moment!

You're right about the statements. As I've posted elsewhere today, somebody in the new management team has learned some sharp lessons very, very quickly. My interpretation is that the new management team is very, very smart. But I also hope that they have learned lessons from our history as quickly, too. The main point being; the management merry-go-round isn't merry at all - its a fast slide into a deep, dark hole.