Monday, 1 September 2008

Dr al-Fahim BBC interview

The new owner, due diligence permitting, Dr Sulaiman al-Fahim, has done an interview with BBC.

The big news is that he claims to be in discussion with 'three or four players' he is interested in bringing to City. Because he only made the agreement with Thaksin's people last night, time is limited but he said he was hopeful to close one deal tonight. One player is said to be in England, and two in Europe.

I blogged earlier about my hope that Dr al-Fahim pledges support to Hughes. And he seemed to do exactly that in the interview. With regard to transfers he said:
"We will support him [Hughes] by bringing in better players. And it's his job to really manage them and to transfer the club to a new level."
On Hughes' future:
"It's a big mistake if I were to change the manager and the board members. I'm not there to change just for the sake of changing."
Dr al-Fahim will fly to London on Thursday, where he will meet everybody.
"I am there to support the manager to bring in better players. We will have a discussion with him. What exactly he needs as a manager to support the club in terms of players."

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