Tuesday, 9 September 2008

A final victory

Dr Thaksin always said that we needed to buy a superstar to fill the stadium. City fans, who claimed to know better, disagreed.

"It's good football, not famous players, that will bring the players in!"

But on the day he agreed to sell, City bought a superstar. And the next home game was a sell out.

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Ben said...

I think that Shaun brought the crowds back, Robinho just cemented it.
Shaun is our talisman, our icon. His presence alone lifts us and vice versa.
Shame I can't be at the Chelsea game but I know he'll do us proud.
Frank missed the point - it was never about the likes of Ronaldinho, it was all about Shaun.

Although the boy Robinho does still look a bit tasty as well.