Wednesday, 24 September 2008

Board makeup not yet revealed

Having learnt that ownership of the club was to switch to Sheikh Mansour on Tuesday, we can only presume that this has taken place.

There has been no official confirmation as such, only the publication on of a letter from Sheikh Mansour, which had been on since Sunday. But the implication seemed to be that the deal had been agreed and would simply take place on Tuesday, with no more confirmation needed.

Unfortunately, Sheikh Mansour's letter said that there would be no imminently forthcoming announcement regarding City's new board:
Khaldoon and I have agreed that the we will not be making any more announcements for a while (Italics mine - JPB) as we really now need to sit down with the manager, Executive Chairman and key staff and put together plans that will, over time, get the Club to where we want it to be. That is the stage we are entering now and as anyone who runs a business knows, this involves a lot of listening, and a lot of talking to many stakeholders and research and discussion before plans can be announced.
So we can only presume that the takeover has fully taken place.

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