Wednesday, 10 September 2008

ADUG back Hughes and Academy

Only good news in an article from UAE based newspaper The National.

It repeatedly quotes an 'ownership team source' as saying the following:

That ADUG recognise Mark Hughes to be a man with “outstanding man-management and motivational qualities, an amazing eye for talent and the ability to build a team to compete with the best.”

Regarding the successes of the Academy: “The importance of building further on the success of this part of the club [the Academy] simply cannot be overstated. Do not forget that the most successful period of Manchester United’s recent history was based to a large extent on graduates of their academy.”

And in a critique of Dr Sulaiman al-Fahim's bluster on transfers, and his not being on the board: “In Abu Dhabi, we prefer to go about business in an understated, pragmatic and patient manner. Brashness is simply not our natural game.”

If these claims are true, it's very good news. Backing Hughes, building around Academy players, and careful and cautious transfers are all things I would like to see not just because I like our current manager and current squad and don't want to be seen to be vulgar; but because it's genuinely the best way of being successful.

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