Sunday, 7 September 2008

Adidas adverts are amazing

I know that these adverts exist to impress people, particularly people like me who love football and love footballers (a more meaningful distinction now than it was before the era of £100,000/week wages).

And so, in expressing this opinion, I am aware that I'm proving myself a willing sucker for advertising, a marketeer's dream. But I just love these adverts! The great Kaka, Messi, Gerrard together (before they all line up at Eastlands next year...), the thoughts of Mourinho, the production.

I could watch them all day. And today I did.
If you want to, they're all here.


mikenewland99 said...

It was all going so well...until Voronin showed up.

JPB said...

Yeah that was pretty jokes.