Sunday, 28 September 2008

Ireland interview

There are very good interviews with Steven Ireland in the Sunday Times and Sunday Telegraph.

He talks about his respect for Hughes:
Yes, I’d heard nice things from other managers. But from Mark Hughes it meant a lot more. He doesn’t talk all the time but when he does talk everyone listens. He’s strong and no one is bigger than the club.
How training has improved since the Eriksson era:
But in his time it was turn up, boots on, train, boots off, home...[under Hughes] it’s our place. We get in early and have a game of pool or computer game before training. It’s like being part of a family, so relaxed. Everyone’s close and you learn a lot about each other.
And how to play with Robinho:
'It’s best just to trust him with the ball. Just leave him to it, leave him one-on-one and concentrate on getting towards the box because he’s got an end product — he’ll beat his man and get in a cross or a shot. You can just drift away and leave him isolated.
Do read them both. Here and here.

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