Monday, 1 September 2008

The big question

I've been watching the story on Sky Sports News and no-one seems to be really confronting the big question:

Will al Fahim keep with the Cook/Hughes/Bowen regime or not?

It is quite possible that the new owner, having put in a reported £200million, would want their own people to run the club and the team. Thaksin worked with Alastair MacKintosh for a year, before removing him and bringing his own man - Garry Cook. Mike Ashley sacked Sam Allardyce soon after taking over at Newcastle, Alan Pardew was soon removed by the new West Ham owners, Abramovich gave Ranieri one year at Chelsea before bringing in Mourinho.

I know that the sensible thing to do would be to stick with the current staff, but why is presumed so confidently that they will?

All we have heard on this so far is from the author of the article, Anil Bhoyrul, who came out with the rather equivocal: "I don't think it's bad news for the people currently working at Manchester City".


Swordfish7 said...

Why why why do you have to look for the negatives in any story connected to our club?
It's bad enough with the tabloids. This could be a great day for Manchester City.

JPB said...

Yes I agree it could.

I'm not looking for negatives on purpose. I really want this to work.

But whether or not the new owners continue with the current management structure or introduce a new one is a very important question which has not been given any real focus yet.

Do you think they'll just stick with the current set up? Or want to safeguard their £200m investment with their own people/methods?

Ben said...

Now I've had some time to reflect on yesterday's happenings, I think the current setup is going to be kept "as is."
I honestly think the club has played a PR blinder with this - no0one saw it coming. Cook had inklings of this takeover when he came on board; and so did Hughes.
Thaksin's advisers must have known there was a huge chance his assets would be frozen in Thailand, so they were scouting for investment some time ago.

The press messed up big time with their constant carpings about how doomed we were and now?

Today, I can only see positives, despite what others say is my inherent pessimisim as a City fan. (I prefer to think of it as realism rather than pessimism.)