Tuesday, 2 September 2008

The São Paulo connection

Our four Brazilians all hail from the same state : São Paulo.

Elano is from Iracemápolis, a suburb of Limeira. Robinho is from São Vicente. Glauber is from São José do Rio Preto. Jô is from the city of São Paulo itself.

It should be little surprise, therefore, that some of our paulistas played together at club level. Elano and Robinho both started their careers at one of the biggest clubs in the state, Santos FC. They both played major parts for the Santos team which won the Campeonato in 2002 and again in 2004.

In 2002, the Campeonato format was for a conventional league followed by play-offs between the top eight. Santos met Corinthians in the final, and in the second leg both Elano and Robinho scored in the 3-2 win. See YouTube below.

Both players left for Europe in 2005, but went on to play together for Brazil in the 2007 Copa America. And in a World Cup Qualifier against Ecuador last October, they spectacularly linked up for Elano to score.

NB I incorrectly referred to Elano, Robinho and Glauber as paulistanos yesterday. According to wikipedia, only those from the city of São Paulo are paulistanos, whereas anyone from the state are paulistas. As such, Jô is the only genuine paulistano, but one of four paulistas. This may seem pedantic, but I wouldn't call someone from Buffalo or Albany a 'New Yorker'. If you're from New York (state or city) or São Paulo (state or city) and have an opinion on this, please add it in the comments.

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Da C.I.A. said...

I'm from São Paulo, I'm paulista, but I'm not paulistano.
Here, we have a lot of confusion about this. People from my city (Guarujá, a tipically tropical city with big and sunny beaches )always call the white tourists as "paulistas", even knowing that we are also "paulistas".
The same occurs in Rio de Janeiro: It's the name of the City and State, and there are people who is "Carioca" ( from the city ) or "fluminense" ( from the state ). Coz Rio de Janeiro has a team called "Fluminense", many people from there don't like to be named "Fluminense", and prefers the "Carioca".

Your blog is very good and I'll folllow your posts from this day on. Sorry about my poor english.

Ângelo, your Paulista Correspondent!