Saturday, 6 September 2008

Balague on Robinho

Good article from everyone's favourite La Liga expert.

Mark Hughes's biggest challenge may present itself in learning how to play Robinho regularly, while keeping up the pressure on him and maintaining the kind competitive environment that every athlete requires if he is to keep performing at his peak. Put Robinho on a pedestal and he may repay you by acting the prima-donna.

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433 said...

from the Guardian:

Excitement over the deal has been running higher in the UK than in Abu Dhabi, where local clubs are drawing fervent support and foreign teams are rarely held as close to the heart as home sides. This week, evidence that Manchester City could soon become as popular in Abu Dhabi as their red-shirted rivals at Old Trafford was thin on the ground.

"Ninety-five per cent of the boys in my class love football but they all talk about Manchester United, Milan and Real Madrid," said Mohamed Al Mazroue, a 17-year-old student "I have never heard of Manchester's other team."

None of the six sports shops scoured by the Guardian stocked City's sky blue shirts, though one did offer Sunderland, Everton and Glasgow Rangers!