Tuesday, 2 September 2008

The day City changed

It was just over twenty four hours ago that we first heard that City were to be bought by the Abu Dhabi group.

Since then we have watched, awestruck, the events. The confirmation from the club that due diligence was under way, then Dr al-Fahim's claim that bids were in place for some top players. By lunchtime Dimitar Berbatov was said to be the target - by late evening focus switched to Robinho. The Spanish press alleged an agreement at 10pm - the deal was struck at 11.30.

The coincidence of the takeover occurring on the very final morning of the transfer window is a bizarre piece of luck. Even more so, given that the transfer window ought to have ended the previous evening. Without the change made in deference to Sunday, we would have been taken over hours too late.

So even by the standards of the last fourteen months, this was a stunning day. I am almost unable to reasonably consider anything that happens at Manchester City any more, so far removed events are from my frame of reference. We have long since crossed into unchartered territory: the initial takeover, the 2007 spree, the sacking of Eriksson despite meeting the target, then Hughes, Ronaldinho, Dr al-Fahim and now Robinho.

No new development could surprise me now. No transfer, no boardroom move, no statement of intent, no ten, five or three year plan. A few days ago I thought Garry Cook was a charlatan, a flashy businessman with big words but little behind him. But recent events seem to be on his side. What next?


Elby the Beserk said...

What next? Christiano Ronaldo, apparently. That'll cheer Fungusface up :-)

Martin said...

i've got to say, i'm still in shock. there's now talk of torres, fabregas, cronaldo, fatty ronaldo, terry henry, david villa..... errr, what's the catch? apparently our new owners have a fortune of £555 BILLION! roman chelski scum has a fortune of £11bn, which looks kinda small in comparison. Unfortunately, i have, as usual, a worry or two; does this now mean that our policy of promoting youth players through the ranks is now over? i mean, look at chelski, why go through all the hassle of giving them 1st team experience, when you can just sign bosingwa or essien for 28 million. which brings me on to my next point; we are now going to have to pay chelski prices, but then again, who gives a flying toss? THEYVE GOT £555 BILLION! all i can say is get prepared to be hated, everyone is going to see us as the proverbial hun. maybe not straight away, but soon. and we're gonna have to learn to turn a blind eye to all the paper bollocks about how 'bad' or 'waste of money' a player is. in the meantime, i'm off to get a robinho shirt....woop woop...