Thursday, 2 October 2008

Jol's achievement

It is no longer original or interesting to say that Spurs were better off under Martin Jol.

But for a real reminder of how good a manager he is, look at what he's doing with Hamburg. After six games of the season, they are top of the Bundesliga with 13 points. He has brought in Mladen Petric (vanquisher of McClaren), Marcell Jansen (from Bayern Munich reserves) and Thiago Neves (remember him?).

But they have come in to replace two of Hamburg's most high profile players, Vincent Kompany and Rafael van der Vaart, both of whom Jol let go over the summer. Improving a team whilst losing two of the best players is a serious achievement. For we all know now how good Vincent Kompany is. And van der Vaart has done well for Real so far.

This has been a rather long winded way of getting to my main point: check out these sick goals van der Vaart's scored recently.

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