Tuesday, 14 October 2008

Cologne to Gelsenkirchen coach on offer

Guest post from Blue abroad Calvin Francis, running a coach from Jamesons Irish Pub, on Friesenstrasse in Cologne to the Schalke stadium in Gelsenkirchen

OK lads, 53 places out of 100 gone...... only 47 to go (the coach leaves
at 3:30pm).

You can book by sending 10 euros per place required to my PayPal
account, which is calvin.francis@matrikonopc.com
<mailto:calvin.francis@matrikonopc.com> .

I'm sorry to make it a pay upfront thing but, as previously explained, I
want to limit my exposure on this and not book 2 coaches and have no-one
turn up.

Anyway, thanks to all the folks who have paid me so far, and I'll see
you there (I know you all hope to get tickets for the away end.......
but there are also tickets available for 49 euros (about 35 quid) on
Ebay in the Schalke end, (for those who arent sure about having the
loyalty point for tickets in the City end))...

The link is......


So, basically, if you've booked, sorted........ If you haven't, get on
it, 'cos even in the worst of cases you can travel to the game from
Cologne to Gelsenkirchen with a load of Blues, & watch the game
surrounded by Schalke fans :-)

Toodle-pip (and you can email me on my personal email - below - if you
have any questions).



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