Thursday, 16 October 2008

Robinho comes off injured for Brazil

I'm pretty sure I just saw Robinho getting stretchered off, clutching his right hamstring. He didn't look in agonising pain, and could get onto the stretcher quite comfortably. But it did not look like what we wanted to see.

Pato came on for him, meaning that Jo moved into Robinho's position on the left wing.

I'm sure we'll find out more in due course.

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Adam said...

Living in Colombia at the moment so I watched the game.

Was pretty disappointed with Robinho and Jo's performances. As a whole, Brazil played poorly, but in the first half I was pleasantly surprised with Elano's play. I thought he orchestrated things really well in a deeper midfield position. He raked some pretty impressive cross-field balls out to Robinho on the left.

As for Jo, I wish he would assert himself a bit more. He's big and strong and has plenty of ability in the air, but he doesn't *attack* balls. When the balls in the air, he likes to wait for it to drop on his head rather than challenge the defender, unsettle him and pick up the knockdown.