Friday, 24 April 2009

Hughes praises Elano

I don't know whether this is a sign that their personality clash has been solved, but it is good to hear:
"Elano was outstanding against Hamburg, absolutely outstanding. Not only in his general play, but with his set-pieces too," Hughes said.

"On another night, he could have had a hat-trick.

"In the end, we took him off in that game because I felt we needed the threat of players going past people rather than trying to thread balls through.

"Daniel Sturridge came on and had three or four chances towards the end. It certainly wasn't a reflection on Elano's performance - far from it."
Elano's recent upturn in form has been impressive, but I don't know whether it's sufficient to prevent Hughes from getting rid of him in the summer.

And, as good as he was against HSV and WBA, surely he would not have got on the pitch had SWP been fit?

UPDATE Hughes also used his Friday press conference to praise Elano's penalties. And rightly so: they're quality.
City's boss said: "Taking penalties is a confidence thing and when Elano steps up you expect him to score. That's credit to his ability. But you get somewhat nervous when he's just jogging lightly up to the ball.

"I took a few penalties myself and that certainly wasn't my approach, but he's obviously got the technique off to a tee. Being able to step up and take key penalties at key moments in high-profile games is a great asset.

"You can practise the technique - it's something you have to do - but you can never replicate the emotions and conditions that will prevail when you are taking a penalty in the match itself. You need focus and confidence."


Jack said...

Think most of us are agreed about Mr Blumer. No questioning his ability, but for me it's all about attitude and a 'team mentality'. Perhaps he needs a really good sports psychologist.

Adam said...

Personally, I think Elano is and always has been a fairly committed player who doesn't slack off his defensive duties.

In my opinion, his main problem is his discipline (on and off the pitch).

He gets into stupid fights with the opposition and makes careless challenges.. But at least he makes tackles and wants to play every week even if we criticises the management for not doing so.

For me, Elano is our most exciting player and I love to watch him play well. He may never sort out his discipline and he may never be consistent but I would still be sad to see him go for those fleeting moments of brilliance.