Wednesday, 15 April 2009

Is Zabaleta suspended for Thursday? (Answer - No)

I honestly don't know. I read here that he was, but have seen it nowhere else.

For Zabaleta to be suspended, he would have needed to pick up three bookings in the UEFA Cup so far. He is confirmed on the UEFA reports as being booked in both the FC Twente and Racing Santander matches. So had he picked up a yellow card in the 3-1 defeat in Germany last week, he would be missing for the return leg.

But not one of the UEFA report, the City report or the BBC report mention his receiving a caution.

So presumably he's available. But why then do I have a nagging feeling that he's banned?

UPDATE Many thanks to roger haigh who found the UEFA disciplinary document, stating that no City players are suspended for Thursday.


Gary Nolan said...

I am sure he wasn't booked.

bendertez said...

Only Bellamy and Given were booked against Hamburg.

roger haigh said...


no city player is suspended