Saturday, 25 April 2009

MH/MR fall out

News from Friday's training session, carried by both Daniel Taylor and Ian Ladyman in their respective Saturday 'papers.

Taylor writes that Richards' disobeying Hughes at the end of the training session resulted in a verbal confrontation; but that the issue was later solved:

Hughes, who has been keen to impose a disciplinarian regime since taking over from the considerably more lax Sven‑Goran Eriksson, later spoke to his player in the manager's office. It is not clear whether Richards went there of his accord or whether he was summoned, but Hughes made it clear that it was unacceptable behaviour and would not be tolerated. Richards is understood to have accepted his manager's criticisms and the mood was amicable at the end of their meeting.

Football clubs live and die by the extent of managerial authority. If it is anything less than total the club just can't function. And Richards' attitude hasn't exactly been immaculate this season. Insofar as I can have an opinion on something about which I am so ill-informed, I know whose side I'm on.

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Anonymous said...

Training ground bust ups are not unusual what is odd is that it is caught on camera and reported in the press . All this from fortress training ground so who allowed access and free reporting by the press and why ?
Micah, it looks like some one has it in for you.