Friday, 10 April 2009

Injury news

Given that Craig Bellamy and Benjani both suffered recurrences of previous injuries last night, our fit, eligible strikers for the second leg are limited to Danny Sturridge, Felipe Caicedo and Ched Evans. We need to win that tie by 2-0 or more.

Coupled with injuries for SWP, Bridge and Kompany, and a suspension for Zabaleta we may well see some new team selections over the next week or so.


Odacious P said...

both players were unfit to start with.

LAck of sensisble judgment from your golden one!

alanharmer442 said...

and your alternatives would be......?

Odacious P said...

sturridge, caicedo and evans were the options with elano also.

benjnai hasnt played barely any football. bring him on to what avail. He is mor elikely to be injured.

Hughes signed bellamy who is a renound crock. he spend the past 10 years on the injury table. It's no coicidence this great player has onyl once scored 10 goals in the premier league!!!

JPB said...

Evans wasn't available due to a family bereavement.

alanharmer442 said...

so which Sturridge is this... obviously not the one who started the game!

So your argument is down to big fil....oh dear

alanharmer442 said...

oops sorry there's also Elano who I happen to like bit as a main striker....I think not