Wednesday, 22 April 2009

A bit far fetched maybe

Carlos Tévez could be on the way out of Manchester United in the summer:

"I have many offers, not only from Spain," he said on Fox Sports Radio Del Plata.

"I need to see which club I can go to and what can be done.

"We must not only consider the money, I also have to ensure my family feel comfortable, especially my daughter.

"So I have a lot to think about."

And we know, from Ian Herbert, that Mark Hughes is a big fan of Tévez, as he wrote in January:

There had been recent uncertainty at the highest level at City as to whether a United player would be accepted at Eastlands, but the club's manager Mark Hughes is known to be an admirer of Tevez and would certainly be interested if any contact were to be made. When City sat down to calculate which marquee signing they would aim for in the January transfer window, Tevez is known to have been on the list, along with Kaka and Lionel Messi, before Kaka, the individual who best seemed to represent the image-rights model City were pursuing, was settled upon. The fact Tevez was considered in that bracket then would appear to make him an attractive target now.

Please please please please please please please.


Patrick said...

As a City fan I would have 0 objections to the aquisition of Tevez.

He has tons of guts and Guile and I think in the right team he is a mirror image of a rooney type character. For us he would be that dogid player we need behind the strikers along with Stevie..

Nope no complaints whatsoever from me...

Shame we didn't buy Arshavin though!

Wigan Blue said...

Well as United can't afford to keep him - why not?

He may not like his song though!

M9NY said...

Tevez, Ibra, Boj Bellars, Ribery, Rigsby, Robbie, Stevie, Elano, Shaun, Bentley, YaYa, Vinnie, NDJ, Taiwo, Bridge, Neddie, Kolo, Lescott, Agger, Zabs, Shay, Joe and the pick of the next batch of kids. Top 3 this time next year.

M9NY said...

Lose Jo, Vass, Benjy, Ched, Sturridge, Johnson, Etuhu, Didi, Mills, Richards Dunnie, Garrido and Kasper. Sorry to lose the kids, but we need some serious traction to get where were now off to. The jury is still out on Big Phillipe, I have this hunch that he could be coached into something special. I'm just not sure which kind of "Special" that might be yet.

Gav said...

I don't think there would be much arguing over Tevez's image rights would there? :)

JPB said...

One of the many good things to come from our signing him would be the end of that moronic song.

Jonathan said...

Yes please, although would like some height up front.

tommytheblue said...

considering our links with kia jooribachian (poor spelling sorry)

this could be very likely!

He is a class act. He works hard of course, but has great ability with it. Dribbling, and a fierce shot would be handy in our squad.