Monday, 27 April 2009

VK's deeper role

One of the keys to success on Saturday, according to Hughes:

He admitted: "At times we have been a little bit naive away from home. We are an attack-minded team, and sometimes when we put all the attacking players on the pitch maybe the defensive side of our play suffers.

"That's been the case on occasion, but when they are in full flow and the shape is correct, we look a good team. I changed it a little bit, I sat Nigel de Jong and Vincent Kompany from the off rather than have one sitting and one trying to put pressure on the ball.

"I had the two of them sit in front of the back four and I think it settled us down somewhat. You know they are going to hit diagonal balls into the big guys so that shield in front of the back four helped us."

I'll try to find a Guardian Chalkboard to illustrate this later.

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Wigan Blue said...


Does that sound like a valid statement to any City supporter who's watched any of City's PL away games this season?