Friday, 3 April 2009

Qualification through the league

Said Mark Hughes today:
"It's more than a possibility," said the City chief.

"Obviously certain things need to happen with teams in the Champions League positions winning trophies just to drop it down.

"We are probably a little bit too far away to get sixth position but certainly seventh is well within our grasp and we will be working to that end."

"We are stronger than we have been in the first half of the season and we have got players coming back," Hughes added.

"They will give us energy and enthusiasm for the games we've got left. And will help give me more options and more variation and we are really looking forward to this last period.

"It's good timing that we have good players coming back to supplement a team that has had a long season.
I think it's a big ask. We're better off winning the UEFA Cup.


Wigan Blue said...

A double over Arsenal would be a good start...

Stevie Ireland being injured is a blow, but hopefully Bellamy can step up to the plate and use his head for a change.

It would be nice to win the UEFA (nobody's been able to tell me if a Fair-play League qualifier has ever won it before...), and also to qualify in our own right to silence some of our critics. But in order to acheive either we are going to have to 'go for it', unleash the attack, and stop playing two defensive midfielders. I still live in hope.

Wigan Blue said...

Whooo! Well at least he took my comments about the defensive midfielders on board. Unfortunately he didn't drop one, he brought two more on. You just couldn't make it up could you?

Left-back Berti, who's been warming the bench all season, suddenly wasn't there today - even though Bridge's hamstring was suspect from the start. Left-back Garrido, who WAS on the bench, never gets a call. Instead Fernandes gets put on, necessitating right-sided Zabaleta's move to left back.

And he wonders why Arsenal strolled up and down the right all afternoon. "You need the tools to do the job and on occasions we've been a bit lightweight." And whose fault is that?