Friday, 10 April 2009

Ireland critical of team mates

A surprisingly candid interview Stephen Ireland did with BBC radio:

"We've got more quality, but at home we need to show it and be braver," he told BBC Radio 5 Live.

"I think at times tonight some people were hiding and when we had our backs against the wall some people were not brave enough to come out and fight."

I don't know to whom exactly he is referring. Robinho? Richards? But the evolution of Ireland from a peripheral figure, with rather clownish tendencies into our midfield general and talisman has been comfortably the best thing about 2008/09. Vocal leadership like this is what we've been lacking.


Odacious P said...

to bad know one can understand his accent

alanharmer442 said...

Agree that Ireland's including I do, having spent too much time/money trying to justify his place in the team.Given our season could well be over by Thursday it's possibly time for Robi to be benched thus allowing return of Petrov/younger players with Robi given status of an impact sub.