Saturday, 25 April 2009

Herbert plays up City's Tévez interest

He's like Danny Sturridge but he tries harder. And Ian Herbert seems increasingly intrigued by the prospect of his crossing Manchester in the summer. He writes in an article for Saturday's Independent of the possibility of the move:

Tevez is the more serious problem, though. His craving for regular starts makes Manchester City a far more likely English destination than any other club and Mark Hughes wore a grin yesterday. "As situations with players at other clubs develop I'm sure we'll get associated with Tevez," the City manager said.

The Independent revealed City's interest in the player four months ago. The nature of Tevez's contract at United – he is on loan from investment companies headed by Kia Joorabchian – makes him vulnerable to other clubs coming in. "That is our weakness," admitted Ferguson. He believes that Tevez's inclination only to do interviews with South American media causes him to be misquoted but that was not the case this time.

That piece from four months ago wrote this about Hughes' interest in Carlos Tévez:

There had been recent uncertainty at the highest level at City as to whether a United player would be accepted at Eastlands, but the club's manager Mark Hughes is known to be an admirer of Tevez and would certainly be interested if any contact were to be made. When City sat down to calculate which marquee signing they would aim for in the January transfer window, Tevez is known to have been on the list, along with Kaka and Lionel Messi, before Kaka, the individual who best seemed to represent the image-rights model City were pursuing, was settled upon. The fact Tevez was considered in that bracket then would appear to make him an attractive target now.

I would love it, love it, if we signed him. And not just because he's currently at United either.


why3435 said...

Tevez is a great player, and I would love to see him play for City. There are many stories linking us to every transfer target, so as much as I want to get excited about players I would love to see at City (Tevez, Ribery, and Terry) its very hard. I hope this is the case though...

Dr Skinback said...

Tevez, yes please Jack.

Carlos would be one hell of a signing for City and for me he could provide to be the catalyst which would propel us to a serious level.

Gary Nolan said...

Tevez is a great player?, catalyst which would propel us to a serious level? really?

He is a striker that doesn't score to many goals when he plays in a very good team, so on reflection a striker that doesn't score goals would fit in perfect at City.

Seriously,there is no evidence to suggest he is a great player, he works hard and that is about it. Maybe he will cross over and be great but I wouldn't hold my breath on that happening.

JPB said...

He kept West Ham up, he plays for Argentina, he was central to their team last year, they've got worse since they dropped him for Berbatov.

There is some evidence.

Dr Skinback said...

I understand your comments Gary. Heaven knows we have waited long enough for someone to come along and provide us with the boost we need. For years we have only had the odd individual beacon surrounded by an ocean of mediocrity. (Kinkladze springs immediately to mind)

If we were to acquire a number of players of Tevez's calibre then maybe we would get a bit more of a competetive edge about us.

Only time will tell.

Gary Nolan said...

None of that suggests he is a great player, great players are Torres and Drogba. He has also never been central to Argentina's team.