Tuesday, 14 April 2009

Boji seeks OT goal

The popular forward speaks again:
"That is my style of play, it is what I want to do for City. I want to score against Rooney and United in the derby at Old Trafford.

"That is a big ambition. A big dream."
I just hope there's no danger of Bozhinov being too much of a fans' favourite; a sort of Bulgarian Steven Taylor?

His first competitive goal for City, West Brom on Sunday - I can just smell it.


Steven McInerney said...

The Newcastle fans that I know can't stand Steven Taylor! They think he's a pile of poo!

There's one main difference between the two. One has talent, one doesn't.

pjdemers said...

I'd prefer a hatrick personally.

bottom line is once he gets that first competitive goal I get a sense that the Boj could expolode out of the gates