Friday, 17 April 2009

City v HSV player ratings

Given Another solid and commanding display, with one or two crucial saves. The one low down from Ivica Olić late on could have sent it to extra time, had only we taken some of our chances. What a buy. 8

Richards As much effort and running as we're used to, but crucially lacking in quality at both ends of the pitch. Too often beaten by men running at him, including Petrić seconds before he was fouled by Dunne who was then sent off. Missed very easy chances after ten minutes and then with about five minutes remaining. I'm not sure the watching Fabio Capello will have been too impressed. 5

Dunne Too often exposed by the pace and movement of the HSV forwards. Could have conceded an early penalty, turned by Olić to set up José Paolo Guerrero who put HSV 1-0 ahead. When he was sent off, for the third time this season, scoring our third goal became much harder. 4

Onuoha Solid, as ever. Won almost every high ball and generally pretty competent with the ball on the ground. Will his good run of form get him in the team ahead of Dunne next season, alongside whichever international centre back we spend £18million on? Onuoha-Albiol, anyone? Onuoha-Metzelder? 7

Bridge One of a number who played through injury tonight, and impressed with his running and willingness to get forward. The goal did come from his side, though. 6

Kompany Played through the pain, with real commitment and excellence. The wall against which wave after wave of Hamburg attacks broke. Silenced Trochowski. Used the ball intelligently. How we missed him in the Nordbank Arena. 8

Zabaleta Like Ireland alongside him, he never ever ever stops running. Tigerish in the tackle, with a few runs into the final third to worry the HSV defence. Injured in the second half, but played for another twenty minutes or so before giving way to Gelson. 8

Ireland A quiet first half by his standards, but improved as the game continued. Fed Caicedo for his goal, and must have wished he'd been on the end of some of our other chances. Unlike the rest of the team, he will be picking up some silverware this year though. 7

Elano His best performance for City since those glorious days of autumn 2007. Playing wide right (where he did most recently for Brazil), his vision and passing recalled Ali Benarbia, he ran and tackled more than usual, helping out Richards at right back and the central midfielders too. But his forté, as ever, were the set pieces. He made it eight penalties out of eight for City early on, before twice hitting the woodwork with almost perfect free-kicks. One blasted over the wall (think Newcastle, September 2007), one curled into the corner (think Middlesborough, October 2007). Not to mention the whipped corner which Rost palmed to Caicedo, just three yards out. Has he played his way into Hughes' plans for 2009/10? 9

Like Elano, produced his best performance for some time. Ran up and down the left wing with real effort and vigour. Passed the ball smartly. Had one good chance - put in by Elano - but could only hit it straight at Frank Rost. 8

Caicedo The best and worst of Caicedo last night. First, the good: his goal was the best, and most important, he's ever scored for City. Not in a great position when he took the ball from Ireland, he turned Gravgaard and Boateng, transferred the ball onto his left foot and found the bottom corner. But the bad too: he missed a sitter to put us 3-1 up, and was caught offside apparently eleven times, including once for a goal. And he can't really hold the ball up. 7


Came on for an injured Zabaleta, as the '1' in a 4-1-3-1. Tried hard but wasted one chance from twenty yards out. 6

Sturridge Only got a few minutes but looked lively and dangerous. n/a


Jonny said...

Really showed last night who has the class at the top level. Agree with all your comments....Dunne and Richards sadly were shown to be lacking, however Onuoha showed he really could have it to make it to the top. Class display.

Move Zab to right back for De Jong, add the defender for Dunne, replace Caicedo with whoever we blow all our money on and it's looking pretty tasty?

James Gorman said...

Caicedo was actually caught offside 10 obscene amount!

JPB said...

Sounds like a good plan Jonny.

Jonny said...

I am available after the summer should Hughes move on....for the right price.

blueinyorkshire said...

You have to credit the fans. We were singing Istanbul we are coming all the way back to our cars after the game.
City fans are class and for once the team matched our class..

tommytheblue said...

check the highlights... alot of those decisions for caicedo were very dodgey. but his second goal was off side, but he took it superbly.

agreed fully with match rating

pjdemers said...

I thought your assessment of Caceido was spot on. Still, he's a 20 year old with loads of talent and bags of potential. Yes the amount of times he was caught offsides was obscene but it is not solely the result of him being careless or clueless.

what I find encouraging is that he makes the right runs, takes up good positions where if he can't receive the ball at least creates space for players to run into. He also combines with Elano and Robinho quite well. Elano seems to benefit with him on the field. The kid also tries to impose himself even when things don't always go well for him.

Yes he missed an excellent chance to put city 3-1 up in the 2nd half but the skill and composure with which he took his goal was top shelf. The goal that was called back was another piece of exquisite skill(another ref might have called him on, it was very,very close).

He's a young kid, he's going to make mistakes. He's also still finding his feet, he's scored some impressive goals already for being a fringe player with very little starts under his belt. A little patience and this kid will come good, but patience seems to be in short supply at the moment with some City fans. What a pity.

@blueinyorkshire -Your absolutely right. It can be like this every game, especially when everyone is 100% behind the team. Boo boys take notice, listen to Stevie Ireland and get behind the team, regardless of whether you like or loath Sparky and his selections. Maybe the team would have rallied against Fulham if we had shown the pride and spirit of thursday night. Be part of the solution rather than part of the problem!

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