Saturday, 18 April 2009

Saturday evening league table

9 Spurs, 32, 41, +2
10 Wigan 32, 41, -5
11 Stoke City 33, 39, -15
12 Manchester City 32, 38, +5
13 Bolton 33, 37, -11
14 Portsmouth 32, 37, -13

Win tomorrow and we'll need other results to go our way to go back into the top half.

But fail to win, and we're in a real mess.


clevblue said...

We'll win, I've no doubt. they'll feel the backlash of the last few games plus hamburg. I feel sorry for the baggies, but that's how it goes

Anonymous said...

3 or 4 nil to Gods own Football Club, Lets just enjoy the day sunshine and Brazilian football against a team already in the Abyss its what we do I care about.

Mojoman said...

I predict another loss. At least you guys are around others to console you. I have to sit alone in my loungeroom at 2am in Australia after watching a bunch of over-paid underachieving sloths lose to a plodding championship team. Let's play 2 strikers at home? Not bloody likely.
But then again....we might win.