Saturday, 25 April 2009

Hughes downbeat on Sturridge

The Telegraph's Mark Ogden has an article on Saturday based on things that Hughes said in Friday's press briefing, but his main topic - Jô - was less interesting than what he said about another mercurial striker with an uncertain future - Danny Sturridge.

He didn't sound too confident about a positive resolution to his contract saga:

Hughes said: "I've spoken to Daniel and he knows my feelings with regard to his future, but I still don't think there are any developments. We are trying to move it forward but nothing seems to be happening.

"He is in a position of strength and obviously his negotiators will negotiate hard. They have put a value on Daniel and so have we.

"We are still trying to make it happen, but it has gone on for a long time and there will come a time when we have to make a decision one way or another."

Naturally, the closer we get to summer with the contract unsigned the less likely it is that he'll be at City for 2009/10 and beyond. Which would be a terrible shame.


Austin said...

It would indeed be a shame to lose a player with obvious talents and loads of potential, but he's certainly not a player that should be retained regardless of the cost. I'd rather see the back of him than pay over the odds.

blueballs said...

let him go i say not worth what he wants has acheived nothing in the game and most probably wont does not have the potential of a rooney or walcott just another greedy overhyped footballer goodbye and good ridance