Monday, 27 April 2009

Ireland on the Brazilians

He loves playing with them. From the Mail's report of the Everton game:
Ireland said: 'There's a real sense of frustration at what we might have done if we'd been more consistent away from home. All we can do now is make sure we finish the season strongly and hopefully next season you will see the real City.'

Ireland added: 'Robinho is a brilliant talent. All I had to do was run in straight lines because you know he will put it through for me. It's been a great day for us and, for me, the whole season has been a really big step up. It's been unbelievable.

'He's worked really hard today and played unbelievably. But you could say the same for Elano as well. He was in and out of the team earlier in the season and not happy about it, but has played the last 15 or so matches and his all-round game has been superb throughout.

'They are two great players and it's just fantastic to play alongside them.'


JPB said...

NB. What Ireland said about Elano simply isn't true by the way. Of the last fifteen games he's started seven, and been brought on late four times, with four unused sub games. Which is strange.

Jack said...

Not so strange when you examine his performances. It is only the last several games that Elano has played like the Elano we all love and admire.

tommytheblue said...

nonsense jack..

start of the season elano was great scored goals... and was dropped straight after scoring 2.

he then played one off games and was expected the produce the goods in one game..( like pompey 6-0)

When ireland was out, elano came in and did very well, dropped after.

He hasn't had the best treatment, only now has Hughes given him a decent run to show his true quality. Hughes now see's it, which is great!

Dare i say we look better without swp.

Steve said...

I have to say I agree with Jack. Elano was left out the large part of the season because ..when he did play...he was below par. He has really really turned it around the last few games.

Whilst I agree SWP wasnt missed against Everton.. he definitely was against Hamburg and WBA.

nb said...

"He hasn't had the best treatment, only now has Hughes given him a decent run to show his true quality. Hughes now see's it, which is great!"

Hughes has never doubted Elano's quality, but rather his temperament and workrate. I would suggest that it is not that Hughes has suddenly 'discovered' Elano, but that Elano has finally accepted the levels of effort and professionalism that Hughes demands.

If anyone has had a Damascus moment, it is Elano not Hughes. About time too.

Wigan Blue said...

Up to the Arsenal (at home) match, Elano was played in position. We were doing fine then. Then the dummy came out, and until the last 3 or 4 matches Elano was either left out altogether or played out of position. Look at him now!

I love Stevie Ireland to bits, but he should keep his mouth shut sometimes. He may be on glue! And after criticising his fellow players, (as Richard Dunne also did), I didn't notice him being fined £40k like Elano was for speaking out of turn. Double standards from our erstwhile manager - it stinks

Steve said...

Wigan Blue, making him play Right midfield (where he plays for Brazil) is not playing him out of position in my view. I cant think where else he has played (apart from right back last season).

I think he is playing for a new contract..which if im right..would make him a disgrace and should be fired off immediately.

I really hope im wrong!