Wednesday, 22 April 2009

Sun: Dunne out in summer

One of the first pre-summer transfer rumours, in Wednesday's Sun:

RICHARD DUNNE will join Sunderland in the summer for around £4million.

The centre-half is on his way out after nine years at Manchester City as Eastlands manager Mark Hughes wants to shake up his squad for next’s season’s trophy hunt.

The question of our centre back pairing for 2009/10 is quite interesting. It could be anyone from Vincent Kompany, Dunne, Nedum Onuoha and either one or two summer buys. But we'll have to bring at least one in before we can start entertaining this sort of rumour.


Jack said...

Just off subject, there is a very interesting (and fair for a change) article in the Guardian:
You might want to peruse :-)

Chas said...

I wish you'd drop the continuous stream of swipes at Hughes - whether he's still manager or not..., If we do stick with Hughes... etc. I'm as frustrated as anyone at our disappointing EPL season, but undermining the manager doesn't help anyone or anything. Every time a new manager comes in, we all agree that the club needs managerial stability, which is what has brought all the teams in the top 6 (bar Chelski) success. Yet even before a single season is over, the knives are out again. How short sighted are we? You can't judge anyone after one season. Even the rags waited 3 seasons before unveiling banners at the swamp calling for Taggart's sacking back in 89.

JPB said...

Chas - I'm very pro-Hughes! I've made a 'Hughes In' banner, I took it to the West Brom game (I'll send you a photo if you don't believe me). All I'm doing is stating the obvious - that it's possible he may not be the manager next season. If we finish in our current position (10th) the board may want to try with someone else. Of course, this isn't what I want to happen. But it is a possibility.

Chas said...

OK Jack, point taken and apologies for the misunderstanding! IMO the biggest problem with Hughes is the complete lack of rapport with the fans. I've never heard "Sparky, Sparky, give us a wave", no matter how well we're playing, and I've had no inclination to sing it myself, although I really don't know why that is.

Anonymous said...

About time, i really do hope Richard Dunne is shipped out at the end of the season, that would make me so happy, the bumbling banana is past his best, ill bid him thanks, farewell and good luck when the times right.

Time for a few fresh faces and better players at that.

Pie, Chips & Gravy said...

Canavrro will join in the Summer when his contract with Real Madrid runds out. Will partner with Terry (if we can get him) or Nedum

JPB said...

Pie etc - I think Canna's going back to Juventus.

Wouldn't mind any of Chelsea's three centre halves though.

pjdemers said...

I find it appalling how many City fans are not only willing to write off Dunne but slag him off as well. Yes he has had a very poor season, but given the stalwart service he's given us, particularly the 2006-2007 season when his heroic performances just about single-handedly saved us from relegation, I think he's earned the benefit of the doubt.

Now I'm not saying he should be bullet proof, but I still think he has a role to play at this club. He is enough of a competitor that if he is relegated to the subs bench, he'll fight harder to get his place back while giving us decent coverage when inevitable injuries or suspensions occur.

Richard Dunne is not a donkey. The teasing chants calling him one earlier this season were and are a disgrace. I thought we were a little better than that here at City.