Sunday, 12 April 2009

City 1 - 3 Fulham

  • If not quite as dramatic as this fixture from roughly this time last year, then certainly as depressing. No seventh place now, no European football next year (barring some sort of miracle on Thursday), and Hughes' long term job prospects look a lot less secure.
  • I barely saw the match itself. If you did watch it, please fill up the comments with your thoughts.


tommytheblue said...

your lucky you missed it!
i only enjoyed my pie and that was about it.

Dunne and richards were like the keystone cops, dunne fell over several times and was bullied by zamora and johnson.

two defensive mids were not at the races, zab had an unusually poor game.

Petrov didnt look fit and wasnt very effective.
Ireland scored a fluke but apart from that his passing was poor.

Bojinov was isolated funny enough!

Hughes removed boj for evans, Why? dont know or understand it!

He only brought Robinho on once we were losing, poor desicison. He failed to remove a poor etuhu early, it should of been elano.

Garrido actually played pretty well. Competant on the ball, defended safley looked better than bridge has all season.

Negative set up,poor substitions, no tactical nouse, very unhappy fans. Unmotivated players! It's then the end of the Keegan era. terrible season is almost over!

Feed the Goat said...

Clueless Hughes and his idiotic substitutions backed up by his half witted welsh admin team.
Hughes out
Repeated since our humilation against Forest on deaf ears.
The guy is a clueless novice with the ego of a Champions League winning Manager.
Go now go with the humility to admit you cannot motivate a team of better players than you or your self opiniated bunch of welsh wasters.
We dont want you, we dont need you mid table with the money you spent is not good enough.
Another season of no tactics and no motivation will not do.
We deserve better we bdo not deserve you.