Tuesday, 14 April 2009

Better than I could have said it

I know this is quite cowardly but if you want to know why I don't want Mark Hughes to be sacked then read THIS piece by Times' football writer Oliver Kay. It gets the key point across that despite the disappointment of this season, he is the best man to take us forward in the long term. Do have a look, even if you're an anti.
Hughes is a manager with a vision and City – the supporters, as well as the directors – must decide whether they are prepared to let him pursue it or whether to rip it up and start all over again. And if they are wondering why many neutrals hope that Hughes will be given the time he wants, it is because City’s history carries so many lessons about the dangers of dispensing with a manager at the first sign of trouble.

That is not to say that Hughes should be bullet-proof or beyond scrutiny, but I would back him to turn things around because he is single-minded, confident and good enough to do so. And if those sound like “Rag” tendencies in the City dug-out, then maybe – terrible as this might sound – that is just kind of attitude they need.
I love that last line. For seven years Hughes was a key player under Alex Fergusion, arguably the greatest club manager in football history. And some City fans see that as a point against his being City manager.


gavin said...

Actions on the pitch speak louder than a journalist telling us that Hughes has vision. I have vision and what I see played out week after week is a disgrace considering the investment in the squad.

Does Oliver Holt have to pay to watch the rubbish, half hearted displays that Hughes' City have produced? It's easy for him to say that Hughes has vision. I have seen differently, for months.

Hughes' vision has turned into a recurring nightmare of lack lustre displays.

Wigan Blue said...

I've never called for Hughes to be sacked. All I want is for him to start listening, and to stop taking the idiot tablets.

Cassell's favourite for the job on the basis of all evidence.

Kyle said...

Gavin, what a glass-half empty mentality. Hughes is the man for the job. You can see in his signings that they have great potential once everyone on the team jumps on board with his coaching philosophy. What Hughes has done with this club is a good thing, and I watch every game as well. There are many things that irritate me as well about the club and play, but it is foolish for me to look at the manager and call for his head in the first signs of adversity. The good thing about being a City fan is looking at the many positives even when we are in a bad time. For example this season alone, Onouha has improved a great deal, Zabs has shown so much promise, and when playing right, it is hard to see a better attacking display than City (Aston Villa anyone?) We made a superb run in Europe and Hughes will have all summer to build the team his way. With all the departures that are going to happen, and more Hughes' signings, there are great things to come people, keep your chins up.

Jack said...

How I agree with Kyle. I have watched City since my first match in 1948. City fans never seem to change, or learn for that matter. In 1957 it was "Sack Mac" coming from the granddads of today's "Sack Hughes" fans. That "Mac" was Les McDowell who had just won the FA Cup! Next it was "Sack Poyser", on to "sack Whoever was next in line" and on and on and on. Fellow City supporters stop sacking the manager at the first bad spell!!!!!!!!!!!!!

tommytheblue said...
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tommytheblue said...

IM sorry its based on fuck all!
why is he a great manager?
... he got Blackburn in to Europe once and failed miserably to larrissa. Fergie often criticised the Hughes sides for its style of play. It was disruptive and unpleasant to watch.
Sure he has a vision, doesn’t everyone, but his doesn’t fit our club, nor the players.
it's not sacking a manager after a bit of a bad spell lol...it's dire season of inept management that has ultimately ended in failure.

This great ability he has is built on sand... it's just words he's achieved sod all.

Why not bring Roy keane, Steve Bruce, Paul ince in they have all worked under fergie, they must be great too, ...it's a silly point, Hughes has no way near the same personality as fergie. Hughes is arrogant introverted difficult person as taggart stated himself! They are not simialr in anyway. What rag like tendancies do they share?

great Hughes signings include Tal Ben haim, Glauber, bridge, Bellamy... who have all ultimately failed through form or injury. he had well over 100 million to spend ..i could of brought in good players with that money as would most of you!

it's all very well being patient. But there is little point in being patient for patients sake if you dont have the right team in charge.

jfell said...

Actually Hughes has spent £50m - you can forget the £50m for Jo and Robinho. Now evaluate who he brought in for that £50m and he looks a shrewd cookie to me. Give him time - the revolving door policy is bollocks and I'm sick of it. Give him another season, at least, and lets see where we are. Boo to the boo boys - it's not helping!!!

JPB said...

'Boo to the boo boys' indeed.

tommytheblue said...

boo the ignorant morons, who will beleive and accept any old tripe!

oh poor hughes he had 50 million spent...still more than anyone else. and had a world class star in his side.

you cant just contivienttly forget 50 million.. he has that in his side to use! And has been able to deliver.

he spent over 100 million

JPB is dishing out excuses as regualr as the coachign staff.. last week poor hughes had to play players from previous regimes.. how can he work in such circumstances!

1.618034 said...

With you all the way today Jack! Keep up the good work and the faith that no matter what after Thursday, calm heads and Mark Hughes are needed!

This is turning out to be a long week!


pjdemers said...

Wow, more piss and vinnegar from the anti-Hughes crowd. Imagine my shock. I said it before and I'll say it now that I firmly believe that if Hughes could walk on water some City fans would slag him off for not being able to swim.

Yes the season has been diappointing given that when City show up we can play teams off the park. The away form has been a real concern but our away form was horrendous under Sven as well, and we were in a freefall well before he got the sack.

Hughes is trying to build an actual foundation but it takes time as well as money and the reward does not happen over one season. Hughes has rightly gone after players who are young, talented and extremely competitive. The vast majorities of easy signing have been excellent They include Given. Kompany, DeJong, Zabeleta, SWP, and yes Bridge and yes Bellamy (yes he was a gamble but I'll gladly take those five goals).

Hughes reminds me of Jurgen Klinsman, an intelligent, determined individual with good ideas and vision but like Klinsi he needs time to see the frutition of those ideas. I can tell you first hand that Klinsi was initiually despised by the very same fans who now praise him.

Our top players speak very highly of Hughes, Ireland and SWP claim their game has improved immensely because of Hughes. Dunne says it would be a mistake to sack him. Maybe you boo bhoys should practice what you preach and start listening to the players.

I certainly get frustrated with some of the decisions Hughes makes at times so I don't often get upset about criticism about Hughes. But what I find intolerable is some of the crap pulled by some so called City fans this season. In particular the booing of Caceido (Villa) Dunne being called a donkey (what an intelligent way to help a true City player rediscover his confidence)and last Sunday the lovely chant of "you don't what you're doing" which more appropiately should of been "we don't know what we're talking about." What anyone thinks this crap will actually accomplish is beyond me.

Seriously any City fan who's that upset and that irrational should seriosly consider staying the fuck home. This nonsense acomplishes absolutely nothing.

Kyle said...

Well put pjdemers. Even if he is doing a horrible job, negativity in the middle of the season accomplishes absolutly nothing. Let the man build his team. City needs everyone's support on Thursday and all of this negativity is hurting the team that everyone claims to love. Absolutly rediculious. I can't believe that people are so dumb that they don't realize that when morale is high and the players are feeling good, we win games. And when the morale is low, and we preform poorly it has a lot to do with the fans' negativity.