Monday, 13 April 2009

de Jong distraught at defeat

Official site:
Dutch midfielder De Jong admitted: "We tried to do our best but in the second half it all went wrong. I'm gutted, we all are - two wins in a row and you can be seventh, so it's tough when you lose that kind of game at home.

"That's football, but it still hurts. You put every effort into the game, so of course it hurts - we don't set out to lose on purpose, nobody does, and we need to repay the fans by showing our true quality now.

"We have a huge game now against Hamburg on Thursday in the UEFA Cup and it's very important to show the fans what we can do. We're hurting now, but we have to be positive and make a fresh start from today."

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Jack said...

What annoys mme most is when players complain about tiredness and too many matches. I'm 64 now and (get the violins out lol) when I was younger players had far more matches. Players regularly did over 60 matches a season. The season started in September and the last match was the FA cup final on the 1st Saturday in May. You could set your clock by it. Saturday 3.00 and Wednesday 7.30. They even played on Christmas day when I was y oung. Good Friday, Easter Saturday and Easter Monday ... 3 games in 4 days. And NO substitutes. Nothing but pampered fairies now. Even the ball is lighter and the pitches are bowling greens. Moan moan moan ... doing my head in ... going for a long lie down lol