Friday, 10 April 2009

In defence of Hughes

One quick point: the three substitutes Hughes brought on last night - Javi Garrido, Benjani and Gelson Fernandes - were all Eriksson signings, and not particularly good Eriksson signings at that. While Hughes is still having to build with the deadwood of previous regimes we cannot judge him too harshly. Next year, when the Pearce/Eriksson throwbacks are gone and Hughes has total ownership of the squad - then we can judge.


Odacious P said...

aaaah poor hughes!

Garrido actually per4formed better than the mighty bridge. as for wonder signign bellamy he's injured again. Glad we got rid of JO now now he has outgunned Bellamy!

Benjani was signed for the same principles on what hughes wanted to sign santa cruz with, only svennis had to use borrowed money and very little time to do his dealing while the not so sparky manager has had a free hand.

He didnt have to bring on gelson, fuck knows why he did!

it's all getting a bit tired jack, what excuses next? Good manager can come into a side work with what they have, considering Hughes has had well over 100 million spent of quality plyers, we havent improved in form or performances... This great process of getting players fitter hasnt seemed to materialise. Moyes has mentioned severall times about JO getting up to Evertons standard od fitness.
Too often has the side been left from a lack of leadership on and off the pitch. A manager devoid of ideas, without icision or sound judgment to change a game for the better.

It's about time we stop this nonsense or over blowing our english managers. He is'nt clough, he's fit to wipe clough arse!
mediorcity at blackburn is regarded as a success... then you might aswell give me the job aswell. Becuase he's been a professional footballer doesnt mean he can handle players, tell that to mourninho who was never a top footballer.

This season has been an ultimate failure!

BluneInNZ said...

I have to agree. Hamburgs side was not all Jol's sighnings yet he managed to make a team with less skill and flair(in my opinion)play as a TEAM!!! which hughes seems to be unable to do, even with 100mill of his own sighnings.

Wigan Blue said...

I stated before the game that our only chance was to attack and retain possession in their half - we did that. and it was effective in the first half. But he tried to grind out a result in the second half (the only possible explanation for the introduction of Fernandes), we sat back and invited them to attack, with 100% predictable results.

I have STILL to see a a half-time tactical switch by Mark Hughes that improved the team's performance in the second half. Why is that do you think?