Friday, 17 April 2009

VK: 'Although we lost, we lost with pride'

Pablo Zabaleta:
"We were excellent really," he told "We played really well. We created a lot of goalscoring situations. We were just missing that one extra goal, but overall we are happy because we produced a great effort."

"On this occasion the tie just slipped through our fingers, but now we are going to work very hard to try to make sure that this kind of occasion becomes a regular thing here."
Vincent Kompany:
"It's not just about playing well, we were like a team and were strong. Don't forget, we were 1-0 down, many teams would have thought it was finished - maybe Hamburg did. But we kept coming back at them, there was a real hunger about us, we wanted to all beat our opponent and that's what it should be like for every game, and I am definitely going to be one of the players that tries to please our fans like this...

"The most important thing is that although we lost, we lost with pride. I don't like to lose, but if we were to go out I wanted it to be with pride and with some fight. That's what we did."

Stephen Ireland:

"We have to show that spirit every week. The spirit was really good and now we've got to carry that on," said Ireland.

"And we've got to pick ourselves up in the league now. We have to try to get seventh spot if we can. It's important to knuckle down.

"The fans gave us a massive lift. If we had that every week it would be magnificent."


tommytheblue said...

If we had that every week it would be magnificent."

if they play like that ..then no problemo.

pjdemers said...

The key is to get behind the team even when things go badly. In fact we have to become even louder when we go behind. We have to lift the team. It cannot be conditional. If we are going to demand 100% commitment of the team then we have to be 100% committed as well. If we had done this against Fulham maybe they might have rallied. Be part of the solution instead of part of the problem.