Friday, 3 April 2009

SWP pledges commitment

Wright-Phillips, geting ready to face his dad Ian's old team Arsenal tomorrow at The Emirates, said: "I can't see myself going anywhere else. I see myself staying for a long time, but it's the club that says Yes or No. If the opportunity came to stay for life, I would quite honestly say I would. I am very happy here...

He admitted: "I would love to go to South Africa but that is a long way off - at the moment I just want to get to the UEFA Cup final. Once everyone gets a taste of one trophy, it could set off an effect. People will get the hunger and want more.

"It's unlimited how far the club could go with the people who are around and in charge, including the boss. We could go a long way for a long time. I do think we will be able to challenge for the League, but everyone has to be patient."

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