Tuesday, 7 April 2009

Dunne supports Robinho

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Dunne said: "It was an awful thing to be accused of and it would affect any man in that situation. He's got a young family and they are his main concern so hopefully that has lifted a bit of weight off his shoulders and he can start playing with a smile on his face again and showing what he can do..."

Dunne added: " All the criticism doesn't help him. It's easy for people outside the club because nobody sems to want him to do well. So it's important for us here and the fans to be 100 per cent behind him.

"Every stadium we got to, people are expecting him to do amazing things. It's not going to happen all the time. He's probably feeling the pressure of having to keep proving himself. Once he relaxes he will be fine.

"The players see how good he is every day in training. We all firmly believe in him and that he will return to his earlier form. That will be a real boost for us."

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Wigan Blue said...

"Dunne supports Robinho"

So do I