Thursday, 2 April 2009

Hughes on Jonno

Quotes in the Express suggest he's coming back soon:
City manager Mark Hughes said: “Michael had an imbalance in his hips but we’ve been able to address it.

“He’s been out for a long time but you look at his fitness work and the test results look as though he is in decent nick.

“There are examples of players having too much football too early. He is still growing – he could still be having growth spurts and they might have compromised him.

“But Michael is with the fitness coaches now. He’s got grass on his boots and there’s no pain.”

This is like a drawn out transfer saga. And until I see him on the pitch, I remain incredulous. But if this is true - it's fantastic news. Wishful thinking, but he could be the Stephen Ireland of 2009/10?

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Philip said...

This is potentially crucial for City's future. Johnson is the most talented player to come out of the academy so far, in my view - including SWP, Ireland et al. The question is, will injuries and attitude ever allow that talent to blossom as it should? If so, he could be a huge part of City, and England, for the next 5+ years.

Skill, vision, finishing, energy, physique. He's got everything you need to be a top midfielder. He and Ireland at the heart of City's midfield for years to come is a delicious thought.