Wednesday, 21 January 2009

Why the Kaká deal failed

Two very informative and revealing articles in the Wednesday papers: Oliver Kay in The Times, and Ian Herbert in The Independent. Drawing direct causation is quite difficult; all three parties - MCFC, AC Milan and Kaká himself are claiming responsbility for breaking off the talks.

My (rather muddled) sense is that the player was persuaded by the fans to stay, this became clear on Monday night and then both clubs rushed to claim credit for calling the deal off. We have got a good demonstration, though, of why exactly Silvio Berlusconi is such a genius at this sort of thing. But do read both of those reports for more information.

I'm less upset about this than I was last night. On reflection, it was such a bold move, such a leap in the dark, that we cannot be too disconsolate. A team with 25 points in 21 games, and no trophies in 32 years, tried to sign one of the world's greatest footballers for almost double the all-time transfer record. Yes, we got our fingers burnt. But the sheer audacity of it impresses me.

We learnt that while we have some way to go to convince a World Cup, Champions League and Ballon d'Or winner (Robinho has won none of those) to join us, our mountains of cash and chutzpah at least buys us a seat at the table. Our mistake may have been in aiming in slightly too high this time: not only is Kaká genuinely one for the ages - the very best of the very best - but his personal beliefs make him less like to chase Mammon quite as crudely as other footballers.

We may have to settle for Bellamy and Bridge this January, but I am sure we will back in January aiming for more top stars. Kaká, Messi and Torres may be beyond us for some time. But there are plenty of world class players just one level beneath them, for whom a quarter of a million pounds each week may be too much to turn down, protesting fans or none.


BluePeter said...

Common denominators:

1. Kaka didn't really want to join City. Real Madrid - yes, City - No, plain and simple.

2. AC Milan wanted the money but didn't want the stick they would get for off-loading their prize cow.

3. Kaka is Brazilian, ergo, trouble, as we have found out to our cost with Elano, Jo and currently Robinho - is he being tapped up by a certain London side?

4. I don't really believe Kaka was a Hughes signing. Yes, who wouldn't want him in their side provided everything in the garden is rosy.
But you only have to look at his signings: Kompany, SWP, Bridge, no world superstars but realiable, determined, classy pros.
Hopefully we will get something similar from Bellamy and possibly De Jong and Given and hopefully a couple more.

Rant over, but it is hard to see anything but problems when you are City and you are dealing with Brazilians - is that a reflection of Hughes' man management approach or the Latin temperament they possess? For what it's worth I think it is the latter.

Let Hughes have time to build a solid base using HIS players before we go dragging in World Footballers of the Year kicking and screaming...

tommytheblue said...

Kaka is world class and a proffessional. You have simply made up that he has ego problems.
JO have ego problems? or is the problem he doesnt have any confidence, he's actually quite quiet lad.

Elanos complaint. he wasnt being picked. Not so much of a trouble is it for a manger. A good man manager would be happy to have someone so talanted wanting to play for you.

We need to play catch up int th eleague and having top players is good place to start.
Hughes should be able to deal with big players, he he wannts to get to the top, he better leanr quickly