Monday, 5 January 2009

If you can't be bothered to read the long version

Summary of below post, based on Monday's papers:
  • Hughes met the board after the Forest game, demanded new players.
  • They agreed.
  • Scott Parker will be a City player by Wednesday, for £12m.
  • Roque Santa Cruz should also be done this week, for £18m and Tal Ben Haim.
  • Will also bid for Kolo Toure and Craig Bellamy this week, less sure of success.
  • Still interested in Shay Given and Jermain Defoe.
  • Elano, Jo, Vassell, Ball and Hamann to follow Ben Haim out in January.
But do read what I wrote below, if only for the links.


Michael said...

Think your summary's good...although I'd personally keep hold of Elano, he hasn't even played in his best position this year (behind striker) and I also wish Benjani wasn't injured because he needs sacking- he goes out on the razz the night before the Chelsea game and when he is on the pitch he's scared to go anywhere near the goal. What's that all about?!

mcfc bc said...

I disagree with your assessment of Elano. I would cash in on him now, before everyone else sees how overrated he is

tommytheblue said...

over-rated haha.

Elano just needs to be treated right. our top scorer last season and in the highest assist rates in the premier league. Won championships in brazil with robinho and plays for his national side.

people make stuff up! Elano scored 2 goals against westham and was immediatly dropped... thats no way to handle a mecurial player like elano.

Even last match, when he couldnt be bothered, he still has more class in his passing than our whole team.

WE have no one like him! the likes of ireland and swp are grafrrs they run hard and drive up the field. Elano is a very different player. That doesnt suit Hughes up and downj the pitch for 90mins mentality

BluePeter said...

"Elano just needs to be treated right...' Yeh, I'd treat him right, I'd treat him to a P45 and a kick up the arse.
The situation we are currently in needs determined, passionate players, who will pull together and yes, run up and down, harry the opposition and force them into mistakes... er a bit like that team that knocked us our of the FA cUp did.
What we don't want is a player who, when the going gets tough, stays and fights not buggers off.
Unfortunately we have too many skill players at the moment for our current predicament.
In a perfect world (hopefully 18 months to two years when we are seriously challenging for ewveything) we will have a squad that boastss countless players with mercurial talent.
But hello, realitiy check, that is not going to happen this season, so we need a different kind of player from now until the end of the season.
We need players who will go into a tackle full-blooded and deternined , not pull out five yards away like Elano did countless times against Forest.
We need players who will doe for one another not players, particularley senior players who decide to have a go on the pitch with a teenage teammate who is just learning the ropes, like Elano did with Sturridge.
I've have Danny any day over that overpaid prima donna.
Effective football now, beautiful later

tommytheblue said...

twisted nonense. elano didnt want to play yesterday becasue he fell out with hughes...well who hasnt.

Sturridge and elanow ere argueing about who played out left, becasue they had no idea what hughes wanted.

Hughes for some reason had put gelson on the left at one point.

Reality check doesnt mean we sell our best player for lesser quality.

you build around them with players of simialr ability but different moulds.

Dont buy too players that were good 5 years ago and havnt improved since

BluePeter said...

tommytheblue - enjoying the discussion but come on:

"elano didnt want to play yesterday because he fell out with hughes...

If you or I fell out with our employer and put in the kind of non-performance Elano did how long do you think we would remain in full-time employment?
As a seasoned, international should he not rise above any disagreement and act like a professional and put in his best performance - FOR THE BENEFIT OF THE TEAM AND THE FANS?
Has he no pride? Does he think so little of his teammates and supporters?

"Reality check doesnt mean we sell our best player for lesser quality.

If Elano is our best player - which I strongly disagree with - Ireland and Kompany immediately spring to mind - why doesn't he do it on the pitch, no matter where he is played?

Michael said...

I'm with Tommy The Blue!
Hughes's man-management is clearly c**p! I mean, I don't see any other option but to stick with Hughes, but a guy who has taken all year to see what was apparent after two games; that we weren't passing and moving for each other,
inspires zero confidence. As Tommy says Elano was our top scorer last season and with the highest assist rates in the premier league. I've heard from sources connected to the club Hughes doesn' speak to the players, just shows them a formation sheet!
Elano has had a drop in form, but listen guys, we've got exactly the same squad as last year PLUS SWP, Komp, a better right back and ROBINHO. There's summit ammiss bigtime. (And how many times does Hart hoof the ball long in a game 15?)
Anyway, we do need a more active holding player. Hopefully we'll sort it and it'll pick up...