Friday, 16 January 2009

Bozhinov weeks away

Good news from Hughes: Valeri Bozhinov is getting closer to fitness.

“Boji is working with fitness coaches...He’s out on the training pitches every day but he’s not with the rest of the group because he is not quite there.

We’re pleased with the way he has come back, he’s very strong around the injury. His cardiovascular work is down because he has missed so much training, so we’ll try to improve that part of him."

Having declared his loyalty to City last week, Bozhinov is likely to become a real fans' favourite very soon after he starts playing again. This means I don't really mind if we don't sign Craig Bellamy.

1 comment:

tommytheblue said...

a great player, a better player than bellamy by some degree. met him in manchester before christmas, a nice guy, didnt say much.

good job both injuries were not related. last one was a freak incident. Hopefully he can finally have his impact. great news.