Thursday, 1 January 2009

Bridge deal close

According to and MailOnline

This is very good news. I love Javi Garrido, and still think he could have a future with MCFC, but it's clear that we need more quality at left back. Even with Garrido's 2008/09 improvements, he's still pretty mid table. Michael Ball is unambiguously Football League.

Bridge has all of Garrido's technical qualities, but is quicker, stronger, and has years of Premier League and international experience as well. The reported agreed fee (anywhere from £10m to £15m) is a lot of money for a left back, but what's the point in being the richest club in the world if you're not going to get who you want?

I hope for a confirmation tomorrow, and maybe an unveiling at CoMS on Saturday? I've just got my ticket for Fratton Park on the tenth - I hope to see him and Santa Cruz debut then.

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