Thursday, 8 January 2009

More on the RSC bid

I have been getting a bit worried that the lack of new signings since Bridge indicated that ADUG were equivocating about Hughes' position. While they were trying to tie down Hiddink or Rijkaard or whoever they didn't want to spend money on Hughes' players. So today's news of a new Santa Cruz bid is a bit of a relief (given that I am very 'pro-Hughes').

But, as good as it is to bid for players we want to buy, what's even better is to actually buy them. Until we see Santa Cruz, or Parker, or Bellamy unveiled at CoMS, we can't be sure that Hughes' job is safe.

PS I know we're not going to pay anywhere near market prices this transfer window, or for many to come. I wasn't too upset by £10m for Bridge. But £15m is so much more than Santa Cruz is 'worth'. Fernando Torres only cost £20m!


tommytheblue said...

may i add, even if they were looking for a replacment ...they wouldnt tell hughes as if they dont get their man , hughes would say, they cant sack him either as it's his henchman who are the background staff.

It appears we have been dragging our heels with transfer,still not conviced all is well.

Russ said...

I think Torres went for around £27M in the end.

BluePeter said...

Everyone keeps slagging off strikers Hughes is trying to bring in or is linked with in the press.

Bearing in mind the suppositions that:

big names may not wish to move in the January window or indeed not move at all;

just not move to City;

their clubs may not want to let them go when there is still half a season left and trophies up for grabs;

may not want them to go at all;

and last but not least, the fact that all the money in the world is worth very little if the buying club is deemed to be unfashionable or not in the hunt for major trophy,

Who do Blues think we should be aiming to bring in before February 2?

No wish lists, no fantasy purchases; who do people think are realistic targets - regardless of the clubs they are at or their perceived worth?

Let's have some positivity and reasoned debate instead of childish 'he's crap sack him' or he's playing for a bottom half club so he can't be that good'.

charles gullung said...

RSC, 13 appearances, 3 goals for blackburn this season...
hughes said he wont pay over the market for players...
blackkburn are holding out for what now, 15M??
this is our priority?