Sunday, 4 January 2009

Next man in?

So we're in the market for a centre half.

Preferably someone with years of Premier League experience, who won't need to bed in.

Ideally left-footed, neither Dunne nor Richards are particularly ambipedstrous.

Someone with leadership qualities, based on Hughes' comments yesterday.

And if we could get one from a club who need to sell, that would be ideal.

I think I know just the man.


433 said...

Hey - I heard you're letting Ireland go to Arsenal. Sweet. Thanks.

JPB said...

I do hope not.

Don said...

I just love the "Ireland to Arsenal" rumor. Classic windup in the papers.

Now, Johnson being made part of a deal with Arsenal, that I could believe...

Anonymous said...


Your an utter liar just on a windup, do one arse*nal fan

James said...

JPB - Think I'ds prefer Upson or Lescott, as I feel sylvain has burned his bridges with us a bit.

Still, no doubting he'd be a good addition.

tommytheblue said...

yea sell ireland to arsenal...simply do what villa have with young. his price is 75 million! nothing below that.

I believe a top class centre back from anywhere in the world doesnt need bedding in, if they are that good, they can settle quickly ie the likes of essien and so forth who came to the premier league and performed right from the start.

dont rate upson that highly, he is a nearly man and not mch better than dunne

433 said...

Sorry, True Blue. It's true. It was a bit of a wind up. I meant no harm, really, but if I hit a sore spot, I'm sorry.

My main point was that Ireland is a great player, and as an Arsenal supporter it would be sweet if he came to Arsenal, and started banging in goals for us, like the one he just scored against us.