Saturday, 10 January 2009

Saturday paper round up

  • Contrasting stories on Craig Bellamy. Alan Nixon in the Daily Mirror reports that we have made a £10m+ plus bid for Bellamy, which will be accepted by West Ham, thus preventing them from having to sell Matthew Upson or Scott Parker. Bellamy should be reunited with Mark Hughes this weekend. Jamie Jackson in The Guardian, however, says that Bellamy would much rather move to Spurs, where he thinks he has a better chance at first team football in the long term.
  • Stories in the Guardian, Daily Mail and Telegraph about Roque Santa Cruz. They all carry quotes from Sam Allardyce saying that he'd rather not sell RSC this January, but that City could 'blow him out of the water.' It seems like Blackburn are going to milk us for as much as they possibly can, including at least one of Tal Ben Haim and Nedum Onuoha. The Guardian says that Allardyce wants Danny Sturridge as part of the deal, but I think we're about as likely to let him have Robinho.
  • A piece on general transfer frustration by Ian Ladyman. Hughes told Paul Aldridge after the Forest game that he wanted more new players and he hasn't got them. A report in The Independent says that Arsenal have decided not to sell us Kolo Touré due to injuries to Silvestre and Gallas. Looks like we'll have to pay more and wait longer to get our targets.
  • Also in the Indy, a very good interview with Vincent Kompany by Ian Herbert. He comes across as very thoughtful and intelligent. He ought to be our next captain. If Mark Hughes stays as manager for the next few years, I'm sure he will be.
  • A Daily Express 'story' that Michael Owen has agreed to join City next summer. I don't believe a single word in the Express when it's about Madeleine McCann or Princess Diana - I'm not going to start now just because it's about City.

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grayfield18 said...

I fully agree with your comments on the various stories.
The mail piece on Owen is repeated in a few places though. The player is not one for me but then i haven't got the money either so we will see. I am not interested at the moment in the Summer signings as i think they will be bigger and much better than Owen. Plus, cheeky sod, stay up and i will come to you. All sounds a bit of a baseball film script really.
VK is very impressive and seems the man for the future. I agree about long term captaincy prospects for him.
I am sick of the media saying we are the richest club in the world and therefore why are we not doing better. Forgive me for stating the bleeding obvious but we got the money on deadline day and you can't play £22Bn or whatever they have. Every City fan i know is realistic (though we all fantasised i am sure bout being top 4 this season :-)) It will take time to sort and regardless of them being professionals etc etc they must have concerns re their jobs - even Hughes! Get some players in yes, but not just any. Get one's that will improve us in the long run. Bellamy is right if the quote is true, he would be better off at Spurs for long term football as he won't be good enough after the Summer purchases.
Stop talking about Eto'o etc etc. Who would leave a team top of his league, in the Champions League etc etc. For money !! No way they are all millionaires anyway.
Improve the squad aim to win the cup we are in and stay in the league - one of those is easily achievable two ought to be doable. Sadly its the cup one that will likely fall by the wayside.
I haven't seen us win a trophy since DT's bicycle kick i can wait a little longer!